About Me

I don't think anyone I know would question that All Hallows' Eve (or Halloween) is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. From Oct 1st till Nov 1st I soak up everything this time of year has to offer. I take in all the events, classic movies, decorations, candy, pumpkin spice everything, Salem, MA...you name it I am into it. This blog is to collect all the things that make this holiday fantastic. I'll be adding a great collection of costume ideas, decor tips, unique recipes, spooky events and more each year. 

A little bit about me...
I live in NYC.
My favorite movie of all time is Beetlejuice. In my opinion it is the best movie Tim Burton has ever made.
I would like to live in Tim Burton's head. 
I visit Salem, MA in October every year to see the leaves turn and take in all the Halloween festivities. 
I throw an annual Halloween party with the best in decor, food, and drinks. 
I start planning my Halloween party at the beginning of September. 
I get super excited when people put out their Halloween decorations early.
And I secretly wish I could buy a black shingled house with a orange door that I could live in 
every October in Salem.

Any thing you think I should blog about whether it is costume ideas, Halloween sales, best shops to buy decorations, haunted tours to do, etc. Email me at arsenicandwitchery [at] gmail [dot] com.